Threats on Free Speech

Freedom of speech is often a right of the people in first world countries, such as the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, and many other countries offering this right. However, there are many far left movements that want this right modified. They have partially succeeded in this endeavor in Canada and UK by enacting purposefully vague hate speech laws.

In Canada, this is exemplified in bill C-16 which made it illegal to refer to a person with an “incorrect” pronoun. Proponents of this bill say that it is just a natural step in protecting the rights of groups who are being discriminated against. Opponents to the bill say that this is a stain on freedom of speech. Forcing compelled speech is only a gateway to more restrictions on free speech.

In the United Kingdom there are also allegations that free speech is being infringed. Many people are being arrested for simply offending other people over the internet on twitter and other social media platforms. This victim culture has become the norm in and dangerously chipped away at free speech dangerously. The Mark Meechan trial is one of the most recognized examples.

Meechan is a Scottish man who made a Nazi joke with his dog and put it on the internet. The joke consisted of him wanting to get back at his girlfriend was “ranting and raving” about her pug saying how nice and cute the dog is. So he decided to make the dog the worst and least cute thing he could possibly think of, a Nazi. So Meechan made the dog do a Nazi salute when he said “Seig Heil” and had the dog react to him saying “Gas the Jews”. Someone reported this video as offensive and the government then decided to prosecute.This led to him being convicted of being guilty with anti-Semitic hate speech with sentencing to happen on the 23rd of April, 2018.

People have been reminded of the story from the 1930’s of a Finnish man who had a dog who called Hitler that could do the Nazi salute. German diplomats were quite mad at this and invited him over to the German embassy. He never went, so the Nazis went to his house. They asked about the dog and the man responded with vague and ambiguous answers. The Nazis, unable to do anything about it, left angrily, and nothing ended up happening to him.

The United Kingdom has done what Germany couldn’t, arrest a person in a non-fascist country for making fun of Nazis. Many Americans on the extreme left are pushing for similar hate speech laws to be enacted in the US, most others are very much against this knowing how this affects people. This debate is still ongoing and what’ll happen in the future is anyone’s guess, but one thing for sure is that this will have a very long lasting effects on the world.

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