Preparing for Copa UAM

After our tigers came back from Costa Rica from the recent AASCA tournament with what could be called a disappointing display of our peer’s talent, they haven’t stopped training and are looking forward to the upcoming tournament, the Copa UAM. Our tigers have been working non-stop and are determined to prove to themselves and our school that they can and will do better.
Recently, the coaches divided the team into two separate teams, team A and team B. So the journalism squad went out to the soccer practices and we were able to get an interview with sophomore Juan Pablo Molina to find out his perspective about this change.

We found out that the separation of the team is done to better focus on developing players like talented midfielder Juan Pablo Molina.

JP shared with us some of the insight of the benefits of this decision . Juan said “Despite this separating the team into two, it will help the younger squad to grow and eventually reach the level of team A, and some will be promoted. The Varsity team A of our Tigers will be preparing to hopefully win and recuperate our winning form.” Molina shared his encouraging words: “The team has to forget about the past and seek victory in the next tournaments.”
Do not forget to cheer and scream your lungs out for our talented athletes in the upcoming month at Copa UAM. Let’s go tigers! You guys can do it all and more!

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