Easter Egg Hunt

EGGGSearching for Easter eggs hidden by the bunny and eating chocolates. This is the picture that, for many, comes to mind when people think about Easter. However, traditionally, Easter is a celebration for Jesus Christ’s resurrection. So what do Easter eggs have to do with tradition? For Christians, the egg symbolizes  Christ’s resurrection.

On Tuesday, March 20th, the Pink Club and Mentores Solidarios worked together to hold an Easter Egg Hunt for our elementary students. The Pink Club works on raising funds for women with breast cancer alongside with Fundacion Ortiz Gurdian. Mentores Solidarios works to provide an opportunity for impoverished children to finish secondary school.

Overall, the event was a total success, with more than 2,000 eggs filled with candies and surprises for the students to find. The kids had a great time and a chance to enjoy some cold drinks and pizza.

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