ANS Celebrates Francophonie

The ANS French Program celebrated the Francophonie yesterday morning in the Library, with a diverse presentation highlighting the culture of the Francophone world. Students belonging to the French program put on a great show, which comprised of traditional dances, singing, music, poetry, storytelling, and even a lip sync battle.

The show was opened by sophomore Francesco Vezzola and senior Lucia Morice, who gave a few words explaining what the Francophonie is and its role in the world. They were followed by a musical number put on by Mr. Spiro’s class, which played The Pink Panther.

Two parts of the celebration that stood out were the danse des cerceaux, a folkloric dance originating in Catalonia, and the French Can Can. The first dance was performed by eighth graders Isabella Alvarado, Camilla Gutierrez, and Andrea Molina and freshman Camila Cuadra. Grace Oh, Ana Rodriguez, Javiera Gurdián, and Camila Sequeira did the can can.

Later on, French students acted out The Little Red Riding Hood and The Turtle and the Hare. Nydia del Carmen’s cover of Edith Piaf’s iconic song La Vie en Rose was another highlight of the show as well.

Veronica Artiles, one of the participating French students, told the Eye of the Tiger that “it was an enriching cultural experience”, and that “being surrounded by French culture feels wonderful, as it provides us with windows to see a world we don’t get to experience every day. Eighth grader Andrea Molina, stated that “it helps understand French culture, and discover how far French influence extends in the world today”.

Mrs. Agnes Mace, the French teacher, commented that “Francophonie is a key moment for French class as it is one of the most important moments of the year, and because it allows us to better understand the spirit of being French”.

Today, French students attended additional Francophonie celebrations at the Victor Hugo Lyceumin Belmonte.


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