TEDx Profile: Frank Matus

Frank Matus, age 15, is currently a sophomore at ANS who  has big hopes for the future. He wants to be a mechanical engineer, and believes nothing will deter him from making his dream come true. “Everything is achievable through technology, engineering, science, and mathematics”, he tells us.

Frank’s interest in engineering stems way back, to the times when he began using building blocks as a vehicle for his mind’s creativity. In the fourth grade, he built a programmable robot and as time went by, he began getting more involved in engineering projects. Now, Frank directs a local robotics initiative and works with students from other international schools in Nicaragua which share his passion. In addition, he is spearheading “The Sunflower Project”, which aims to build rotating solar panels which will  bring electric power to vulnerable rural areas across Nicaragua.

To further his passion, Frank makes the most of his summers, and has participated in several STEM-based enrichment programs and summer camps in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area, with the purpose of connecting himself more with individuals working in different STEM fields as they take the early steps that lead to  the engineering journey of a lifetime.

Now, Frank is part of [email protected], which seeks to “bring together the most talented ANS students to perform engaging talks that inspire the youth”.   Along other speakers, leaders and volunteers that will soon be featured in the Eye of the Tiger, he is ready to share his insight for the betterment of our community.  His talk will focus on the emergence of STEM as the the most important field of the current age, as technological advances continue to flesh out the backbone of a digital society. He wishes to use his talk to showcase these truths and  inspire peers to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math; as these fields will essentially come together to form the future we’ll all share.

Don’t miss out on seeing what Frank has to say at the  [email protected] event on Friday, April 27!


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