Catholic Colleges Visit ANS

Thirteen Catholic colleges and universities visited ANS at the Ossi Room this morning, to get to be known by students and answer any of their questions. These universities are all members of the National Catholic College Admission Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the value of Catholic higher education and help high school students transition into college.

The college fair opened a few minutes after 8, and was attended by several Junior and Sophomore classes. Students were highly engaged with the school’s visitors, and spent most of their time conversing with recruiters and getting to know several of these universities. Several of them told the Eye of the Tiger that they were nervous and excited about this upcoming stage in their lives.

Among those who visited today were: Barry University (Miami, FL), Benedictine College (Atchison, KS), Marymount University (Arlington, VA), St. Catherine University (St. Paul, MN), and Saint Joseph’s University (Philadelphia, PA).


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