ANS Students Go To GIN

Ten ANS students will attend the Global Issues Network Conference at the Pan American School in San José, Costa Rica, which will last from March 6 to March 10. Global Issues Network is one of the most important student summits each year, as it provides young leaders with countless opportunities to let their passions shine. GIN has been present at ANS for several years now, and each year, student leaders attend the conference with the purpose of presenting projects led by them, meant to address global and local issues with comprehensive and sustainable solutions.

This year, two groups of ANS secondary students will be participating in the event,

representing Building Bridges and [email protected] The Building Bridges group includes sophomores Maria Cobos, María Alejandra Delgadillo and Faynette Herndon. The [email protected] group is also led by sophomores and includes Isabella Deshon, Isabella Cerna, and Elinor Ketlehöhn. These students will be accompanied by ANS teachers Mr. and Mrs. Wilke, who have advised and helped them throughout the school year to prepare for the event.

Maria Cobos said that at the conference they plan to inspire other students from other schools to create projects similar to Building Bridges. She told us: “Building Bridges teaches school maintenance english, with the purpose of creating stronger bonds between workers and students, and help them open doors and build bridges by learning a new language”.  

In addition, Isabella Deshon told Eye of the Tiger that she will be representing [email protected] as leader of the productions team and they will “demonstrate what TEDx is about, how the ANS community contributes to the mission of TED, and how his helps overall in the fulfillment of a Sustainable Development goal which could be Education”

The Eye of the Tiger Editorial Team wishes these students the best of luck in their trip, and hopes they make the best out of this unforgettable experience.gin

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