Stronger Together

On Monday, February 19th, graffiti was found in the boys’ middle school bathroom warning of an upcoming school shooting. According to the graffiti, it would happen on March 20. Two days later Dr. Jeff Keller, the school’s Director General, sent out an email to the entire ANS community informing the school about the incident. He also invited students to report any additional findings and suspicious activities regarding the incident. The school administration contacted the U.S. Embassy, which in turn advised them on how to handle the situation and recommended security guidelines to follow.

In response to the threat, short-term security measures were taken. For instance, the amount of security guards on campus was increased, hallway patrolling doubled, and emergency procedures were drafted. The school also sent out mass emails to the community, in order to quell down any rumors and keep everybody up to date on the situation.

On Wednesday February 28, new graffiti was found in the same bathroom warning the school of another shooting meant to happen the next day. The administration immediately informed the school of this, and assured the community that the adequate measures were being taken to guarantee the school’s safety. Luckily, nothing happened, although student turnout was at a historic low. Nonetheless, the school has increased security all around the school and began to work with the Nicaraguan Police on the matter. Since yesterday, armed police officers have been present on campus safeguarding students, alongside investigators meant to discover the culprits and the threat’s authenticity.

ANS is taking the situation very seriously and the investigation continues. The entire school community has come together since the threats arose and has shown its ability to overcome even the toughest challenges. The school truly is stronger together.

The Eye of the Tiger would like to remind students that if they see something, they should say something, and that the safety of the American Nicaraguan School community is no joke.


By: Ji Wook Jung and Pablo Lacayo

Edited by: Pablo Lacayo and Henrik Friiso


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