ANS Celebrates Jornada Dariana

Every year, the Secondary Spanish department works extremely hard to celebrate the Jornada Dariana, the annual commemoration of Nicaragua’s most celebrated poet and literary figure, Ruben Dario. The Jornada Dariana lasts from January to February, falling in line with Ruben Dario’s birthday January 18 to deathday February 6.

It has become school tradition for Secondary students to write a one page story, with the theme changing every year. At the end, the top three writers of every grade are chosen, and an overall winner is selected for Middle School and High School. These two students are then awarded the Ruben Dario prize. This year, students were assigned to write a humoristic story, and it is clear they let their creativity flow to the highest level.

Today, the Spanish department hosted a small ceremony at the Ossi Room to recognize the winners and celebrate Ruben Darío as a whole. It included student performances as well. Freshmen Carmen Sandino and Angelica Vivas sang the national anthem, juniors Avis Corea and Xaviera Cuadra sang Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy’s hit song “Pobre la María”. Seventh grader Esteban Zamora recited the poem “Sonatina” as well. In addition, the first placed student of each graderead their story as well.

The winners were as follows:

Sixth Grade:

First place: Diego Sacasa

Second place: Jan Perner

Third place: Silvana Albir

Seventh Grade:

First place: Esteban Zamora

Second place: Jorge Sacasa

Third place: Linda Abu Ali

Eighth Grade:

First place: Nydia Del Carmen

Second place: Nataly Lee

Third place: Fátima Martínez

Ninth Grade:

First place: Eman Abu Ali

Second place: Carmen Sandino

Third place: Claudia Flores

Tenth Grade

First place: Nicolas Marinacci

Second place: Wei-Ting Shih

Third place: Edoardo Amador

Eleventh Grade

First place: Xaviera Cuadra

Second place: Pablo Lacayo

Third place: Avis Corea

Twelfth Grade

First place: Armel Gonzalez

Second place: Edgard Lacayo

Third place: Eduardo Galo


Middle School Ruben Dario Award Winner: Nydia Del Carmen

High School Ruben Dario Award Winner: Xaviera Cuadra


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