AASCA 2018

For those who have been to any AASCA, you might recognize the feeling you get when you arrive there. You are nervous, yet excited to meet people, get to know places, but most importantly to win the tournament.

This past week, from February 21st to February 25th, AASCA soccer was hosted by the Lincoln School in Costa Rica. This tournament was a big school, or also known as a unified tournament. The competition consisted of about 23 schools, with teams of both divisions, boys and girls.

The games officially started early in the morning on Thursday 22nd and the boys and girls representing our school, were scheduled to play two games on that day. Victories and losses were lived throughout the three days of competition. The girls of our school, ANS, were capable of getting all the way to the semifinals. Sadly, we lost due to penalties, but it was evident that our girls gave their best throughout the whole game. It was then time to face St. Augustine School, from Nicaragua as well, to fight for third place. However, we lost, earning fourth place out of 17 schools leaving our school in a very high rank.

On the other hand, the boys also played as if there was no tomorrow, but the odds were not in their favor. Still playing until the last day of the tournament, the boys were able to earn the 11th place on the list of teams.

Regardless the results of the competition, our tigers gave their souls and much more in those fields. They represented our school’s name until the last day of AASCA and gave Nicaragua, the recognition it deserves. Now, let’s get ready for next year tigers… Panama awaits and the gold medal too!


By: Carolina Fernandez and Chantal Martinez

Picture Credits: ANS Webpage

Picture Credits: ANS Webpage

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