Winter Olympics Come to an End

The 2018 Winter Olympics came to an end yesterday, as the participating Olympians from 92 different countries gathered one last time at the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium in South Korea for the closing ceremony. This edition of the winter Olympics was widely anticipated, as it was Korea’s first time hosting a winter Olympiad, and the first time in a decade that the Olympic torch burned in the Far East. In addition, the games represented an opportunity for both North and South Korea to improve their tense relationship, amid the rising threat of the North’s nuclear arsenal. In the end, North Korea agreed to participate and march with South Korea as a united “Korea” during the opening ceremony. The sister nations sent out a unified women’s ice hockey team was sent out.

The twenty-third edition of the Winter Olympics featured 102 competitions in 92 sports events. Overall, more than 2,900 athletes took part in the games. At the end of the games, Norway led the medal count with 39 total medals, 14 of them gold. They beat the American record set in 2010 for most medals won at a winter olympiad and matched Canada’s record of 14 gold medals along with Germany. They were followed by Germany with 31 medals, Canada with 29, and the United States with 23. South Korea, the host country, finished with the seventh highest number of medals, totaling 17.

The 2018 Winter Paralympics will take place next month, from March 9 to 18. They will use the same facilities built for this edition of the Olympiad.

The Olympic flag will continue to fly over Asia for two more Olympic games, as Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Olympics and Beijing will take charge of the following Winter Olympics in 2022.

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