ANS Review on the Challenger Cup for AASCA

On January 25th the ANS soccer team started a preparation tournament which will prepare our players for the AASCA tournament in the upcoming month. Their first match was against St. Augustine School where our Tigers lost 2-1 in the last minutes of the match. This is a disappointing start for our Tigers although they gave their best efforts to try and take the victory.

The team went out with a 3-4-3, a formation that did not work as planned. This has a lot to do with the amount of injured players including Diego Velasquez, Orlando Castillo, Armel Gonzales, Arlin Espinoza, Fernando Traversari and more. These players did not play the following matches and the team lost against Hugo Chavez 1-0 in the finalizing minutes of the match.

This preparatory challenger cup turned out to be a low blow for our school as we ended in last place after losing 4-1 vs Lincoln. Our team of students was also scheduled to play another match after the one vs Lincoln but the team forfeited as they couldn’t go through with what remained of their team.

Although the boys soccer team lost they have shown great spirit in their latest practices and true commitment to what remains of their season ahead of AASCA.  ri

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