Winter Olympics 2018 Descends

From February 9 to February 25th, the XXIII edition of the Winter Olympics brings the best athletes of every winter-themed sport across the world to the host city of Pyeonchang, South Korea.Unknown


The official mascot for the event is a white tiger called Soohorang, although a black tiger called Bandabi will also make frequent appearances, as he is the mascot for the Paralympics, which begins immediately after the Winter Games.


This edition of the Olympics has held its controversies, with the two main ones being the systematic state-sponsored doping scandal of athletes from the Russian nation and what should be an appropriate punishment for it, and the ongoing tensions between South and North Korea. North Korea had previously boycotted the 1988 Summer Games held in the capital of South Korea, Seoul, and prior this edition, the totalitarian nation had missed participating in the Winter Games for eight years.

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