Super Blue Blood Moon

This Wednesday, January 31st, there will be a super blue blood moon. Blue moons happen every 2.7 years and this year we will have two blue moons, one in January and the second one in March.

Even if the blue moon won’t be astronomical but calendarical, it will be worth it to see it. The fact is that it won’t be a normal blue moon since it will be a super blue blood moon, meaning that there will be a blue moon, a total lunar eclipse, and a super moon all happening at the same time!

That will be “once in a blue moon” event for the first month of 2018.

According to NASA the moon will be 223,063 miles from earth. The blue moon will be visible in North America, Alaska and Hawaii before sunrise and visible again in Australia, New Zealand, eastern Russia and Middle East on the moon rise (evening).download


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