ansmun1For the second time in the school’s history, the American Nicaraguan School is proud to host its own edition of Model United Nations. On February 10 and 11, the school will open its doors to delegates from not only ANS, but from Saint Augustine Preparatory School and Lincoln International Academy as well. Model United Nations follows parliamentary procedure, and consists of a series of continuous debates and argumentations meant to find compromising solutions for the problems each committee is meant to address.
This year’s conference will have four committees, in which the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, United Nations Environment Program, United Nations Security Council, and Arab League will be represented. In the UNICEF committee delegates will debate the issue of statelessness and children, as well as the current humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The UNEP committee will be about environmental issues, concerning plastic pollution and the illegal wildlife trade. On the other hand, the UNSC committee will discuss disputes in the South China Sea, the Qatar blockade, and the stability of the Gulf Region. Lastly, delegates participating in the Arab League committee will discuss Yemen and the political stability in the Middle East. However, it is important to point out that the UNICEF and UNEP committees will be exclusively for Middle School students, while the last two are geared towards high schoolers.
ANSMUN is an activity organized and led by students themselves. The Secretary General of this congress will be Lucia Morice. Sarah Lindhout will be in charge of the UNICEF committee, while Fernando Chamorro and César Castellón will chair UNEP. Alexander Ramirez and Camila Gutierrez will be in charge of the UNSC, and Beatriz Gomez and Carlota Navarrete will lead the Arab League.
Participating in the conference costs $25. Registration is still open and any payments can be made to Ms. Magda in the school library!

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