What is Net Neutrality?

The internet is not what it used to be. This is because the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) voted this week to repeal Net Neutrality laws. This is a big deal in the United States that just might affect you.

Net Neutrality allows everyone to access any content on the internet regardless of the source. Repealing Net Neutrality will allow internet providers to charge consumers more to use the internet and for going into certain websites. This means that the price to navigate the web will rise. This will affect regular internet users, but also people whose income relies on the internet will be also be affected.


This topic has been debated since 2014 under Obama’s administration, but until now have they taken any action. This repeal causes the trade groups which represent big tech firms to respond by filing a suit. This is due to the fact that American companies will be limited without Net Neutrality; the only companies whose rates won’t change will be major telecom companies.

The commission’s decision received a lot of backlash by an uproaring opposition, especially the Republican Chairman Ajit Pai. The repeal will take weeks to be taken into action, and though this is only in the U.S, it will have global impact.

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