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On April 20 and 21, hundreds of students from several schools all over Nicaragua will join in the Camino Real hotel for DALE’s sixth summit. DALE, or Debates Académicos de Líderes Estudiantiles, is a debating conference organized by Nicaraguan High School students since 2012, and gives interested students the opportunity to engage in debates following parliamentary procedure in three languages: English, Spanish, and for the first time this year, French.

DALE offers prospective participants a wide variety of debate committees to participate in this year. In English, there are five committees, ranging from a representation of US President Bill Clinton’s cabinet to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Participants can also register to join the OAS Permanent Council, an OAS Special Mission, and the United Nations Security Council.

If they join an English committee, future delegates would have the opportunity to discuss topics like the government’s role in the environment, the efficiency of law enforcement, racism, and border security. In Court, they would be involved in trials surrounding Venezuela’s constitutional crisis and indigenous rights in Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast.

DALE offers an additional five committees in Spanish as well, including Summit of the Americas, Fidel Castro’s cabinet, OAS Permanent Council and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. CELAC, the last of the Spanish communities, stands out in particular as it will be set in 2030 in a world with politics that differ from the present’s. In Spanish, delegates will have the opportunity to debate about social inequality, transportation, infrastructure, government scandals, NICA Act, terrorism, and Chavismo.

This year, DALE will feature its first ever French committee, which will be the cabinet of Haiti’s infamous dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier. For those with a passion for writing, DALE has a Press Corp in both English and Spanish.

Space is limited and students should quickly register! Until March 6, registering for DALE will cost $70, and after that date it will cost $80 until registrations close.

To prepare for DALE, several practice sessions will be held at ANS in the weeks leading up to the summit. The nearest one is next thursday January 25, and will last from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. There will also be practices on February 8, February 22, March 22, and April 12.

Joining DALE is a great idea, as it allows for you to improve your public speaking abilities, build your critical thinking and analytical skills, discover the pressing issues that face the modern world, develop confidence, and have lots of fun playing the role of presidents, ministers, and ambassadors!


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