Sicab Horse Fair

A little under a month ago, Seville Spain was home to the SICAB fair. Sicab fair is a very prestigious event in the world of PRE horses, where only a few are selected to go and compete. Breeders are not only from Spain, but from countries such as Switzerland, Portugal, and even Mexico went to compete for the grand prize. The fair has 150 horses, and that may seem like a lot, but you have to take in account that these 150 are a select few of the thousands that have competed for a spot in this arena.

As I was in Seville to do an exclusive report on the fair, I decided to dig into the history of the PRE horse.

The PRE horse is for many a luxury, but there is a deep history behind them. They originate from a cross between Arabian horses, and the traditional horse of Spain in the 13th century, and the ones who started this cross breed was the monarchy, who are today known as the Yeguada Militar. In fact, every horse of the mounted armed forces of Spain are from Yeguada Militar.

As time evolved and the horse became more of a luxury, breeders like Jaime Guardiola developed the modern PRE horse, which is bigger, larger, and more beautiful.

Of course, we had to visit Mr. Guardiola, and with a few contacts, we were able to check out his breeding grounds. There we saw very beautiful horses, and we learned about the history of this breed. We learned about how the horse is deeply rooted into the Spanish culture. It was a truly an enriching experience, and a must for anyone who is in the world of horses.

Photo: Allan Cerna and his father Allan Cerna



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