Chad, the Hero we Need but do not Deserve

Since the beginning of its creation, America is synonymous with freedom. People came to the land of opportunity looking for better lives. But of course, leave it to California to go ahead and try to ruin that. California was trying to ban house parties in Hollywood Hills, which is a total violation of freedom.

It’s none of the government’s business how people spend their leisure time. This is just indicative of how badly things are being governed in California.

Those California communists may try to take away their citizen’s civil liberty to have fun with their squad, but luckily for the citizen’s of California, they have Chad.

This college student went all the way to the city council and gave a speech on why they should not ban parties. He gave, what was, if you ask me, a very moving speech on how partying impacted his young adulthood.

His words were almost poetic, and he truly made us all think, and realize that America´s way of life is under attack.

What good is summer vacation if you can’t sit out on the porch with your friends? No good. California is trying to get it´s citizens to go to clubs, but as Chad put it, “they are full of phedoras and V Necks”. That is probably the best thing I have ever heard. We may not deserve them, but we need more Chads. This kid is most definitely going to become an American hero.


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