2017’s Top Luxury Brands

It’s the end of the year, and that only means one thing: we get to do rankings, and what better thing to rank but this year’s best luxury brands.

This year had many different competitors, and there are many different factors that have contributed to earning a spot on this list: customer service, quality, bling, popularity, all of these are factors that have helped us decide which are the best luxury brands.

Here are the top ten brands from bottom to top.



You can spot a Burberry shirt or any Burberry product from a mile away. The famous print is all over their shirts, shoes, belts, etc. The British based brand has earned its spot due to its quality, and being a symbol of class and elegance.


Salvatore Ferragamo

Some people may question this decision and say “hey, Ferragamo should not be on the list. There are other more expensive brands”. Just because something is more expensive does not mean it is better. This Italian brand earned a place in this list mostly because of their leatherwork. If you are a fan of luxury leatherwork, then you must have one of these. Their styles range from sober colors and buckles, to croc skin and gold. They have been made popular by such a wide range of artists that everyone has started to like them. Ferragamo is popular with the Narco Corrido to the Trap listening demographic. It is truly an iconic luxury brand.



The lyrics of the song Principe by Arabia by the Mexican Narco Corrido band Revolve Cannabis say, “El siempre festeja en grande cuando se arma la parranda en el cinto carga un H Y pura ropita Italiana. Son los lujitos del Danny. Su trabajo le ha costado porque picando al pararle siempre de arriba pá bajo”. The lyrics allude to the Hermes brand when they sing “en el cinto carga un H”, or in his waist he carries an H. Of course, they are referring to the Hermes belt and its famous H shaped buckle. This brand has been made famous across Mexico and other Latin American countries by huge crime figures like El Chino Antrax, and it has become a sign of power. With a belt costing you over $1000, it certainly is.


Louis Vuitton

The famous LV, it was obvious they had a spot assured on this list. Everybody likes this brand. Both men and women have proven to be loyal customers to this French brand. Louis Vuitton ranges from classy to trendy, and this has been a huge success for them. They have offered product personalization for their customers, and they have made collaborations with other brands such as Supreme. This is what has landed them a spot on the list of the top luxury brands.



Of course Gucci had to be on the list. When you think of a fancy brand, Gucci is the first to come to mind and that is why it landed the spot for #1. The Gucci belt is famous, and it is a really high quality product. Gucci ranges from trendy to fancy shoes, and that has been a huge success. Wether is it you are buying sneakers, loafers, belts, or whatever, you can’t go wrong.


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