El Güegüense: A Nicaraguan Tradition

Junior Students interpreting El Gueguense

Junior Students interpreting El Gueguense

El Güegüense is a satirical drama written in the seventeenth century during the colonization era. During this time, somewhere in the streets of Nicaragua in some colonnial city, the comedy play were being interpreted by the indigenous and mestizo people of the country, and they were making fun of the Spanish authorities. Over time this theatrical piece transformed into a national symbol for its protesting character that the Nicaraguan people identify.

This year, the Junior class interpreted the Güegüense for their Spanish class with Ms. Patricia Castillo. Juniors had to bring their own costumes, wear masks and use maracas. Additionally, students had to record themselves acting out the scenes and then editing their video. Furthermore, students not only had to act, but also they had to dance to the traditional music of the Güegüense.


El Güegüense is a national treasure that people all over Nicaragua learn about it. Just ask a Nicaraguan about El Güegüense and they will surely give you a well-thought out answer!

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