The Story of Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when all the shops have discounts and everybody gets wild about buying. But not many people know the true story of Black Friday.

Black Friday started in 1869, when two oligarchs cornered the American gold market on Friday of September 24 and the U.S. financial markets declined. This is when that date was known as Black Friday.

There were some other chaotic events such as in the 1950s in Philadelphia when the Army and Navy college football teams clashed and thousands of people came to see the show. Because of this, stores in the city took the advantage to sell their products to the many people who were attending the game. This created huge crowds of people in the streets and lots of traffic.

Since that day, Black Friday has changed over years in two major aspects. One is when president Roosevelt moved the day of Thanksgiving to the fourth week of November encouraging holiday shopping and sales deals. The second aspect came during World War Two when there were many migrants in residential areas of the cities and many stores moved to the suburbs.

Today, Black Friday is an event that has spread mostly all over the American continent with shopping also moving online. Even in Nicaragua, we can experience Black Friday at the end of this week.


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