The Importance of Senior Capstone Project

ANS is in it’s third year of offering a Senior Capstone Project. According to Merriam-Webster, the term capstone means “high point” and capstone projects are intended to demonstrate the solidification of the students’ academic knowledge and experiences in their senior year. Capstones are also designed to encourage critical thinking, communication skills, and the ability to connect their projects to the community’s issues. Students are required to investigate different issues in the community and apply their skills so that they can contribute to these issues.

In our school, the Senior Capstone Project was first started with the Class of 2016 with the intention of students relating their projects with the career they were interested in studying in universities. However, starting last year, students were encouraged to connect their projects to help solve current issues in our Nicaraguan community, whether it is in or out of the school.

Our school’s Senior Capstone Project has specific purposes for its students, these being: demonstrating personal abilities and skills required to produce and present an extended piece of work, engaging in personal inquiry, action and reflection on specific topics and issues, and demonstrating an understanding of the core values.

There are four components in this year-long project: the process journal, the product, the presentation, and the written report.

Throughout the process, students are expected to achieve the American Nicaraguan School Core Values (social responsibility, environmental stewardship, innovation and creativity, intellectual curiosity, global awareness, respect for self and others) and the Essential Skills (organizational skills and attitudes towards work, adaptability, entrepreneurialism, citizenship, collaborative skills, communication, information literacy/Research, time management, reflection, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, subject-specific and interdisciplinary conceptual understanding). (Retrieved from 2017-2018 ANS Senior Capstone Guide)

At the end of the year, students will be presenting their year-long projects to different school staff members.

It is evident that our Senior Capstone Project will help students in their next phase of life with the different skills and abilities they learn throughout the process.

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