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One week ago, the ANS Tigers hosted the second AASCA tennis tournament in Club Terraza. ANS sent a great roster of athletes to compete for the Central American tournament, including Andrés Bendaña, Óscar Rodríguez and Juan Ignacio Ortiz; these three men made up the boy’s high school team.

Despite an unbelievable effort from the three, they were unable to reach semi-finals due to a three-way tie between our Tigers, Del Campo from Honduras, and Lincoln of Costa Rica. After defeating the Honduran team 2-1 in the series and being defeated 2-1 by Lincoln in two thrilling series, we were bummed out to see our classmates not being able to compete in the final although the teams which they tied with both reached the final, with Costa Rica’s Lincoln as winners.

The high school girls team included Brendamaría Cuadra, Xaviera Cuadra and Camila Cuadra. These girls reached the fifth place in the competition after Brendamaría Cuadra suffered a torn calf on her right leg in her first match against tournament winners, el Americano del Salvador. This left the team captain out of important matches and the three still performed at a high level and will seek a better place next year.

The middle school ANS girl’s team included Valeska Navarrete, MinJi Kwak and Mía Stephens. These middle schoolers were able to finalize the tournament in third place with Valeska Navarrete as their MVP.

The middle school male team, composed by Fernando Pérez, Eugenio Castillo, and Thomas Suárez also reached fifth place in the competition and despite this being their first international tournament, the three middle schoolers played unbelievable.

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