Crime in Nicaragua

A crime wave has been hitting the streets of Managua for the past month, and citizens are not happy about it. We are supposedly the safest country in Central America, but we might lose that position if things keep running the way they have been for the past few months.

First, we had members of the MS13 gang illegally cross the border from Honduras to Chinandega, and they were caught on their way to Managua. Although they were caught, this makes us think: how about the ones who did not get caught? Are there any more members of this organization roaming around our streets without us knowing so?

Besides this, we have had a wave of domestic crime bands during the past year. A month ago, we had a group of about 14 members going around town, known for carjacking. They were caught on tape multiple times where they were spotted forcing cars open and stealing everything from inside. One of their victims chased them when she realized what they had just done, and during the pursuit, we can see on the tape that they pulled a gun to intimidate their victim.

These delinquents are armed and dangerous, and it is only matter of time before they come after you. The police are doing their best to take control of this situation, and they are actually doing a good job.

The Dantos special operations branch is patrolling Managua, and they have no fear in using force on this criminals.

However, although the police are doing a good job trying to control this situation, they are not always going to be there for you. You need to find a way to take care of yourself. So Nicaragua, think about getting armed, getting trained, and getting ready. By no means am I encouraging or endorsing violence, but what I do endorse is protecting yourself and your family from these criminals. It is your God given right to protect yourself and your loved ones, and by all means, please do.

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