Cockfighitng is a sport with deep roots in Nicaragua as a tradition. While many people view this this as an illegal activity, such as is dog-fighting, it is actually legal.

This sport is protected, since it is seen as an aspect of our cultural identity. Many groups who advocate for “animal rights” want to have cockfighting banned, but despite many efforts to do so, they have failed.

These groups are looking to destroy our culture, and make us forget our roots. Cockfighitng is a tradition here in Nicaragua, and it is something that will not change. What people opposed to cockfighting do not understand, is that these animals are born to fight. It is their natural instinct. Since the moment they are born, they come out wanting to fight. It is in their DNA, and you are not going to keep them from fighting.

Another thing that these groups fail to understand is that these animals actually have a better shot at life than most chickens. Most chickens have their fate written for them as soon as they are born, which is going to the slaughterhouse. But gamecocks actually have a chance at life. If they are good, they will be retired from fighting for further breeding. When they reach this level, all they do is eat, breed, and mate. They actually live a better life than most humans. So animal activist groups may want to stop what they are doing, because cockfighitng is not going anywhere.

This activity is easily one of the most popular traditions among Nicaraguans. Although it is mostly seen in the countryside, you can still go to cockpits in Managua. As I entered “Gallera de Enel”, one of the most prestigious cockpits in the country, to conduct my research, I was able to see why this is such a popular tradition in this country. There is an actual science to it. They have weight classes, spur sizes, and different breeds of cocks.

Of course, there is the gambling side to it, and people have actually made a lot of money from this. I saw fight wagers go from 200 cords up to 50,000 cords that night. So, besides from being protected for being a tradition, it is also making people money.

This great sport is not going to be banned, or at least not anytime soon. Good luck trying to destroy our culture and heritage PETA, because you’re not going to make it.

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