Hurricane Nate Slams Through Nicaragua

Nicaragua, located in a region strongly prone to hurricanes, had been lucky to dodge extremely powerful storms earlier this hurricane season, as storms Harvey, Irma, and Maria steered to strike the Antilles and the United States. Nonetheless, last week Hurricane Nate formed right off the coast, and powered over Nicaragua from Thursday until the early hours of Saturday.
The effects of Hurricane Nate were felt throughout the entire country. The storm left sixteen people dead, and one missing. According to vice president Rosario Murillo, around 6,500 families in 73 municipalities were negatively impacted by the storm’s intensity. In addition, less than 6000 homes were either partially or totally damaged, as the wind and storms lifted roofs and floods swept through their insides. In terms of infrastructure, over 120 kilometers of road throughout the country were damaged. In Sapoa, a town near the Costa Rican border, four bridges were swept away.
The northern Caribbean coast, where the heart of the hurricane was, and Rivas department, were hit the hardest. In the Caribbean coast, the storm mostly damaged homes and farms. In Rivas, the impact was much more visible, and due to the economic consequences, it could be considered much more severe. The city of Rivas, as well as several other small municipalities scattered across the isthmus, experienced severe flooding, which damaged several homes and businesses. San Juan del Sur, a bustling port and tourism hub saw most of its marina damaged, as pangas and yachts either sank or washed on the beach. According to preliminary reports, 22 boats ran aground, while 10 pangas sank into the depths of San Juan del Sur bay.
Although the total sum of damages the storm left behind has not been revealed, it is clear that it will easily run into the millions of dollars.
The government and private sector have already announced efforts to rebuild and help out those that were hit the hardest by Nate.
ANS announced that it will collect food, clothing, and any other items members of the school community see necessary to lend a helping hand and contribute in the efforts to recover from Hurricane Nate. Any donations may be made in the Student Services center in the High School Building.

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