Aragon Loses Battle Against Leukemia

On September 8th, high school STUCO organized a food competition called, “Food Against Cancer” which included watermelon, hamburger, pizza, and wings challenges. The ANS community participated in this awesome event as students, teachers and maintenance members competed to raise funds for Eduardo Aragon’s battle against leukemia. Unfortunately, Eduardo lost his battle against this terrible cancer on September 19th.

Eduardo Aragon, 19 years old, was a former student from Colegio Centro America who was recently diagnosed with leukemia, a type of cancer that primarily affects the bone marrow, the bone cells, and other parts of the lymphatic system. Apart from being such a complex and painful disease, it is also very expensive to treat. The Aragon family had been struggling with the treatment and hospital’s costs, that’s why they’ve reached out for the help of the Nicaraguan community.

Eduardo’s passing has affected our community. He had been terribly ill and this news has all of us. Although, Eduardo lost his battle the hospital’s expenses are still very high.

The Aragon family has had a difficult time since the cost for the treatment is not yet paid and the hospital’s bill is very high. Several activities had been organized for this cause, including our Food Against Cancer, a Bingo, Zumbathon and the donations from families and friends.

If you wish to donate for this cause these are the bank accounts from BAC Credomatic: US Dollars: 362079105
Nicaraguan Córdobas: 361754468

R.I.P Eduardo Aragon

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