ANS Athletes Discuss the New Athletic Period

Every athlete has to overcome the dilemma of managing their time and their work. Because of this, some athletes decide to be home schooled so that they can have more time to practice and pursue their dream of playing the sport they love. For this reason, the American Nicaraguan School has made a new system where athletes can do their sports training during school hours to help students have a more balanced life.

This new ­­­­schedule has been tested over the past one and a half months. Ever since the beginning of the school year students have been participating in sports during the last period of school hours. These students do not have to take physical education class, nor other electives.

During the third week of September, the Eye of the Tiger visited the athletes during their athletic period and asked these students their thoughts on the new system.ANS Athletes on the new ATHLETIC PERIOD

Arlin Espinoza, the current varsity soccer goalkeeper, said that “the athletic period is very good because it gives the team a better preparation.” This hardworking goalie also claimed that the school has done a great job of allowing them to be more balanced as students in sports can now have more time “to do other extra curricular activities and studying in the afternoon”.

Orlando Castillo, one of the greatest soccer forwards currently in school, also shared the same thoughts with Espinoza by stating that “athletes before did not have a good time management as students now do”.

In spite the fact that school athletes described the athletic period as beneficial and time saving, they also offered some advice that perhaps the school can take notice of.

Diego Velasquez, the midfielder that brings balance to the Tigers, has been ever since the beginning of the school year frustrated with the intensity of the sun at practice hours.

The track and field speedster, Isabella Cerna, also suggested to change the periods in which different teams practice because there are too many people on the soccer field at once.

After all, we hope our Tigers can do their best in their competitions in the upcoming years. We wish nothing but luck and excellence. GO TIGERS!

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