Celebrating Culture at ANS

ANS is an international school with students from many different countries. Although this cultural diversity can definitely be seen as an advantage for our school, there haven’t been any days nor events where this multiculturalism was celebrated. However, now a group of students have formed a cultural organization called “Atlas” and they are working towards the same goal: raising cultural awareness and celebrating the diversity.

This organization will be holding monthly events in which a particular country’s culture and traditions will be celebrated. There will be food sales, activities, and information pamphlets provided. These events will take place in the Tiger Square, during high school lunch time. Students, teachers and staff members will have the chance to know more about another culture and they can purchase food that the organization will be selling on that day.

For now, Atlas is currently working on fundraising because money is needed in order to hold the events. They are holding their first bake sale this Saturday, so if you are on a sports team and you’re coming to school that day, please stop by and contribute to the fundraising.

Soon, Atlas will have their first event set up. They will be celebrating the Mexican holiday: Dia de los Muertos.

More information will come, so please help suppot us in bringing back cultural awareness to ANS!

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