Is the World Coming to an End?

In the past few weeks the world has been facing various natural catastrophes. From Hurricane Harvey that flooded the city of Houston, to Hurricane Irma in Florida, to the earthquakes in Mexico, Peru, and Japan, up until this moment.

On September 19th, 2017, Mexico was hit with an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude on the richter scale, and had recently been hit by an 8.1 earthquake. Over 200 people were killed in the most recent quake.

Additionally, a Christian conspiracy has been formed that on September 23rd the world will come to an end. Bible passages have proved and matched up with recent events including the Solar Eclipse that took place last month. The Bible also referenced to a sign that the stars and planets would align. This event is supposed to take place this upcoming weekend.

Moreover, a man named David Meade made a reference to the important number of 33. It is a significant number in Biblical references since Jesus lived 33 years, but it has been said that on September 23, exactly 33 days will have passed since the solar eclipse. NASA has insisted that this theory, known as the Planet X theory, is not true. However, the events happening around the world have alarmed people and have been feeding the conspiracy that has been developed.

Regarding earthquakes, the Coco and Caribbean tectonic plates have increased their activity drastically in the past few days. Although scientists cannot predict when earthquakes when and if an earthquake will occur, they have predicted that more earthquakes are to come. Nicaragua is one of the countries that could be affected by the movement of this tectonic plates. Even though nothing is certain and the future cannot be predicted, the best thing you can do is always be prepared. Following are some general recommendations to follow in case of any earthquake.

Before: Prepare in advance. Remember to have a first aid kit, flashlights, radio with batteries, canned food and water supplies, and try to secure shelves or anything that can easily fall on you to the walls.

During: Get away from windows, loose objects, or anything that could fall on you. Try to take cover besides a firm desk or table. If you are outside get away from any building, power lines, or trees. Never run during an earthquake, wait for it to stop shaking and then calmly, but quickly go outside.

After: Before going back inside wait until it has been declared safe. Be ready for aftershocks that will likely follow a big earthquake. Stay away from any damaged building and make sure to examine walls, floors, etc., before going inside.

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