ANS Independence Day Celebrations

On September 13, all of Middle and High School gathered together in the CAA to celebrate two landmark moments in Nicaraguan history: the Battle of San Jacinto, and the country’s Independence Day.

Students and staff were delighted with a series of wonderful performances done by students ranging from sixth grade all the way to twelfth grade. Participating students danced traditional Nicaraguan dances, which have come to form an essential part of our country’s cultural identity. Participating students had been preparing for the show for a long time, and freshman Ji Wook Jung as well as senior Edgard Lacayo said that they had been practicing for two weeks prior to the show.

A group of girls in Geography class performed the “Banana Dance”, from Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast. SSL students performed “Managua, Linda Managua” and a group of eleventh grade girls performed “Los Zompopos”. The Seniors put on the most memorable show, as their performance was a mix of dances from all three regions of Nicaragua. It included the entire grade, and was an authentic representation of the cultural diversity present in our country.

In addition, some grades recited poems while others sang traditional Nicaraguan music. Seventh graders recited the poem “A Mi Nicaragua”. while sixth graders sang “Sonidos de Libertad”; ninth graders sang “Nicaragua Mía”; sophomores sang a mix of songs from Otto de la Rocha; and a small group of Seniors sang “Palomita Guasiruca”.

The mood was bright and festive, and the dancing brought a grand sense of enjoyment to the audience. Martin Panduro, a junior, told the Eye of the Tiger: “I really enjoyed the show, all the dances were very good, but the Seniors’ dance was by far my favorite”. Freshman Ellie Pierson, sophomore Alexander Ramirez and junior Henrik Friiso thought the same thing. On the other hand, Jiehong Jun liked “Los Zompopos” the best.

The Eye of the Tiger would like to congratulate the ANS Spanish department for dazzling the school yet again with a superb performance that displays the beauty of Nicaragua’s wonderful cultural identity.

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