New Students, New Grading System!

This 2017-2018 school year, ANS welcomed about 21 new high school students from around the world! The school also made several alterations to last year’s grading system which is a huge change for all students, teacher and parents.

Some new students were interviewed about how they are liking the school so far and about their favorite things about ANS.

“I like it. It’s a small community so I can get to meet everybody” said new 12th grader Larissa Nachost. She has come all the way from Germany to Nicaragua! Larissa is very excited to meet new people and discover all that Nicaragua has to offer.

Another new student, Gina Blandon, a junior, expresses: “I’m liking the school a lot; it’s a big change for me. The thing I like the most is break because I get to spend time with my friends”. Gina is a 17-year old girl who enjoys the quality time with her friends and family. This new tiger is ready to find out all ANS’ benefits!

The new change to the grading system is here now and people are commenting about it.

Students and Teachers were asked for their opinion and their favorite things about the grading system:

Camila Gadea, 11th grader, says: “I think last year’s was better; the one we have now it’s more complicated. Anyways, it encourages me to be more determined and collaborative inside the classroom.”

Students feel that the new system is effective, but they still don’t know how to manage it.

The new US History teacher, Mr. William Buker, has some thoughts about this: “It’s more accurate, students have more opportunities and I get better quality assessments!”

Even though the grading system is more complex for students and teachers, is assuring good quality works since there is more feedback being delivered and a more challenging environment.

In photo, from left to right, Camila Gadea, Martina Rosales, Gina Blandon.

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