Summer Before Senior Year- Make it Count

Attention Seniors! As you all know, only a few days are remaining until you guys are officially seniors. With this being said, this also means that summer vacation is coming up! Resting and going to the beach are good ideas, but you should spend some time preparing for what’s waiting you on your last year in school. Here are some advice on what you should do during summer.

1. College Essay Brainstorming
I’m not telling you to have the essays done during summer. However, you should at least brainstorm on what you will be writing or even start off on it to be extra ready for your senior year. Go online and find some essay topics. Jot down any ideas you have regarding that topic.

2. Preparing your Activities List
Think about which activities, honors class and AP you want to list on your application. The Common App only allows students to describe 10 activities; some even allow less than that. For this reason, you should spend some time considering which extracurricular are most impressive and choose those which you’ve spent the most time and effort on.

3. Standardized Tests
Summer can be a great time to prepare for the standardized tests yo uneed to take. If you haven’t gotten your dream score on ACT, SAT, SAT subject tests, TOEFL, etc., then make sure you really use that time wisely to study for those. Remember, your senior year will be full of stuff and that won’t allow you much time for you to study for the tests.

4. College Touring
Summer before senior year is an excellent time to tour the colleges you’re considering applying to. Because summer provides an opportunity to travel across the country or across the ocean, that will be a perfect time for you to visit dream colleges and look around those schools.

5. Get a good rest
As mentioned before, Senior year will be definitely challenging and tiresome. You will be loaded with a bunch of work and teachers will be pressing on you to get the best out of you. At the same time, you will be also taking the standardized tests, writing your college application, etc. In other words, you won’t have time to waste. So, enjoy the summer vacation, get a good rest, eat well, do whatever you want to and be prepared to come to school on August 16!

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