Break a Leg Paula!


Paula Fariñas has been a member of the Drama Club since sixth grade and since then has been working in theatre productions and shows in and out of school. Perhaps it was her talent for drama or her passion for the revival of the ANS Drama Club that begun Paula’s interest to begin a Performing Arts Festival for her Senior Capstone Project.

In this festival, Paula hopes that ANS’s massive scope of talents will be able to show the importance of the arts in the school. Ever since the first ANS Idol, the Drama Club had not worked on a production as big and as noteworthy as this one. “It is an exciting event,” said a future performer. “It’s going to be a great demonstration of what ANS’s Drama kids are able to accomplish.”

The festival is scheduled to occur during mid May and will showcase ANS’s best singers, dancers, actors, performers and overall those who are the best on the stage.

For more information, contact senior Paula Fariñas who is the manager of this awesome event!

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