SAT: Postponed to May 20


If you were planning to take the SAT this Saturday, May 6th at ANS, you didn’t. This is because for the first time in history, ANS did not receive the College Board materials for testing on time.

Surprisingly, the only materials they did receive was for a special tester who took the test with Mrs. Kohlmeier.

It seems the tests got delayed getting through customs and were not delivered on time. “Its both positive and negative” said Carlos Urcuyo, 11th grade ANS student. “I just wanted to get it over with, but at the same time this gives me more time to prepare and study in order to get a better score.” The SAT being postponed doesn’t have to be a negative thing, like Carlos Urcuyo said. This is an opportunity to better prepare yourself and possibly get a better score.

College Board has informed us that the SAT is rescheduled for Saturday May 20th.

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