United Just Burns Me!

From forcibly taking clients off of their airline to burning luggage, United Airlines’ service quality decreases every day. I can attest to the poor service since I too am one of the people feeling harassed by United.

My ordeal started on Friday morning, April 7th. I was flying United from Managua International Airport to the International Airport in Houston.

The day started with a delayed flight due to what we were told was a “lack of oxygen”. After waiting six long hours, we finally boarded the plane. Everything seemed to be going okay, until we got to Houston. It was in baggage claim that I was shocked to see a my destroyed suitcase on the conveyor belt.
I couldn’t believe what I saw! My coat was shredded and lying on top of the case. I checked the tag in disbelief, yet, clearly saw my name. I was overwhelmed by the lingering odor of burning filled my nostrils as I lifted what remained of my suitcase from the conveyor belt. I saw the zipper of my off-white rain jacket melted and the front was full of holes that appear to be singed. The top of my black suitcase had a large hole covering the entire front. Inside my sneakers were burned.
Concerned and upset, I went to United’s baggage claim office. I showed them the destroyed items and they looked at me in disbelief. They assured me nothing like this had ever happened before. For comfort reasons, I had put my empty carry-on inside my bigger suitcase. Both of them had been destroyed to a point of no repair. At first, the United staff refused to give me two suitcases instead of one; after heavy discussion, they agreed to giving me both. Shortly after, we were dismissed after being asked to file a complaint online for further compensation.

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