Misiones – Matagalpa

Misiones regularly goes to Matagalpa in order to spread the word of God to communities in need. This year it took place from March 9 – 12, in Sta Maria de Ostuma. 33 students from the American Nicaraguan school went, varying from 8th graders to 12th graders.

We left Managua Thursday, March 9th at 8 am, and got to Matagalpa by 12:30. They gave us time to chill and by 4:00 we had our first group activity, which was about getting to know everyone better. Hours seemed to last minutes and in just a blink of an eye, the night rose.

Friday we woke up early and went in groups to different houses to spread the gospel, and to interact with the homeowners. The next day, we did the same, except now we had donations including food, clothes, and other accessories which we collected for the families living in the communities.

One Sunday we left at 1 pm after a 12 pm mass at Sta Maria de Ostuma, with people from close communities.

It was an uplifting experience.



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