Adventures in Nicaragua (Semana Santa)

Nicaragua is becoming one of the hottest destinations for tourists in Central America. In the past, Nicaragua has been kept under the radar, shadowed by the more developed country of Costa Rica. Fortunately for visitors looking to give Nicaragua a chance, it will not disappoint in terms of things to see and do, from it’s Caribbean waters of the Corn Islands to the nesting sea turtles, to the lush jungles and towering volcanoes.

Nicaragua has many incredible natural wonders to explore. If you are looking for an adrenaline packed vacation or something a little more relaxing, here are five incredible things to see and do in Nicaragua.

1. Visit Granada
This is a colonial city with lovely pastel colored buildings, historic churches, and cobblestone streets. It is safe which it’s what draws tourists. There are several forms of transportation to get around town, including horse drawn carriages, but most of the places can be reached by foot. The Mombacho Volcano is located outside of the town. It has activities such as canopy tours, hiking, and some hot springs. People usually take boats out to Granada Islets and horseback ride around the farms at the base of the volcano.

2. Go Volcano Boarding
Volcano boarding is a fairly new sport for the adrenaline seeking junkies that visit this country. Cerro Negro, the small active volcano is the perfect spot to try this sport. Many tour operators out of Leon offer this thrilling experience where you strap a board onto your back and head up the volcano. Hiking to the top takes less than an hour. Companies will provide protective gear such as knee and elbow pads, as well as goggles and jumpsuits. Visitors have the choice of boarding down like a snowboard or sitting and sledding down, as they fly down the black rocks with this once in a lifetime opportunity. Nowhere else in the world can you experience the thrill of sliding down an active volcano.

3. Experience Miraflor National Park
This is considered a unique national reserve because of the different climates and variety of flora and fauna. The orchids are one of the most impressive features of the reserve, since there are over 200 species throughout the park. The orchids grow on the ground and between rocks. Also, there are nine communities that are housed on the reserve, they offer visitors a place to stay. Farmers are always opening their doors to tourists who wish to stay with them and be able to learn more about the life in the Miraflor National Park and the landscape. Be prepared to wander through cloud forests, rivers, and waterfalls during your visit in this diverse park. You will certainly have a great time.

4.S.S.J.S (Surf in San Juan del Sur)
Surfers come from all over the world to learn more about this surfing location. There are over 300 days of offshore winds, and plenty of swells year round for both beginning or experts. The beach town is the perfect place to call home while you’re staying there. There are lots of restaurants, hotels, and souvenir places to go. Playa Maderas is one of the most popular beaches for surfing, it is only 15 minutes from the town. There are plenty of surf camps which is perfect for beginners.

5. Escape to the Corn Islands
Looking to explore an island? Corn Islands is the perfect place for you. Enjoy the soft silky white sand and clear water and marine life. Big Corn and Little Corn are named respectively for their size and for those looking for the ultimate peace and quiet, Little Corn is perfect. Cars are not allowed on the island. There are a handful of restaurants, accommodations and two dive shops; this is the perfect home base for snorkelers and scuba divers. Big Corn on the other hand offers a plentiful variety of restaurants, accommodations, and nightlife. A short plane ride from the capital city of Managua or a ferry from Blue Corn will get you out to these incredible islands in no time.

Enjoy exploring Nicaragua!

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