Francophonie at ANS

On March 24, 2017 the Francophonie was celebrated at ANS. It was a celebration dedicated to the French language and culture and students from Ms. Agnés Macé’s French class joined together and organized unique presentations to teach parents, staff and students about this international event.

Marcella Martinez and Amanda Zepeda joined together in a lip syncing battle of French songs in which the public laughed hysterically. 7th graders performed a comedy mime show that nobody could resist laughing. 10th graders made a video of tongue twisters in which Mr. Emerton, Mr. Martin and Dr. Keller participated and made it very enjoyable for the audience. Four 8th grade girls danced to the very well known French can-can with colorful skirts and great energy.

The public also was able to listen to famous artists of French speaking countries like “Papaoutai” performed by artist Stromae from Belgium. During the event two French students from 10th grade even taught the audience how to cook a crepe and handed some out after asking the names of the ingredients in French!

It was a unique experience with a lot of interactive and learning performances for the public. We are all excited to see what they come up with next year!

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