3 Ways High School Sports Benefit Students

With a new secondary sports program now in place for the next school year, it would be a great time to become involved in after-school sports. Physical exercise is good for the mind, body and spirit. Team sports are good for learning and practicing accountability, dedication, and leadership, among many other values and skills. Putting it all together by playing a sport is surely a winning combination.

Here are 3 ways joining an after school sport can benefit you:

1. Improved Academics
Being involved in after-school sport requires a lot of time, energy and dedication; although some may think this may distract students from their schoolwork, studies say the opposite. Sports require memorization, repetition and learning skill sets that are directly relevant to classwork. Also, the determination and skills sports require can be directly translated to the classroom.

2. Health Benefits
Sports encourage healthy decisions such as not smoking or drinking and offer other not so well known health benefits such as a lower chance of getting osteoporosis or breast cancer later in life. Also, having a team counting on you to show up and train hard is great motivation to exercise everyday.

3. Boosts Self-Esteem
Watching your hard work pay off and achieving your dreams brings about tons of self-confidence. If you can achieve something in a sport or with a fitness goal, then you know you can achieve any other goal you set. This is a very rewarding and exciting process.

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