Senior Capstone Spotlight: Garden in Cristo Obrero

Alfredo Artiles is addressing the community issue of lack of education about the environment. In order to address this issue, he plans on starting a garden in Cristo Obrero, a home for girls in Diriomo, as well as a garden here in our school. He plans on involving the community by teaching about nutrition and how to take care of the environment. His success in the project will measure how much the girls learn and if he is able to find someone to continue this idea.

Every Capstone project comes with development both professionally and personally. Alfredo says that personally, he believes that he will develop as a person by teaching people about resources that can help them better their lives, and by teaching others he will develop as a person. Also, he believes that he will develop professionally by learning how to “plan, design and implement” which will help him in the future.

Yet, Alfredo’s journey has not been simple. He has currently encountered many challenges especially setting up a place for the garden in the school due to the paperwork involved. However, even though he has obstacles, he believes that the project as a whole will be a success. This success will be measured by how much people learn about the benefits of gardening.

For the project to be sustainable after he graduates, he hopes to find someone to be in charge of the garden at school. At Cristo Obrero, he believes the girls will continue to maintain the garden.

Lastly, I asked him for advice to someone who will be working on a Capstone project next year. He recommends students to “start early and to coordinate well with other people because success not only involves you, but others.”

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