Pep Squad – Ready for AASCA

This year I decided to join the Pep squad, basically a cheer club. We attend most events in the school and we cheer. Right now, we are getting ready for one of the most exciting weeks since the beginning of the school year, AASCA.

Andrea Manzanares, an ANS alumna, has come to school several times to teach us exciting cheers, which is one of the best ideas our pep squad leader, Ms. Magda Morice, has had. This definitely helped the members loosen up and prepare to root for our tigers. Andrea, as a previous soccer team member, says that “there is nothing better than knowing that you have support. Hearing all those people you want to make proud inspires the players to do better and always knowing that even though you lose a game, it’s not a loss. You learn from what you do wrong, stand up and score a goal”.

We’ll be showing the cheers to students at the pep rally.

I am wishing that all of the hard work and dedication of the players will pay off, not only during the games but in the support they have from the school.

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