AASCA…Around the Corner!

As everyone knows, the American Nicaraguan School is hosting the AASCA soccer 2017!

Make sure to be prepared on February 15-18 to watch the games!

Our school has shown amazing support and the PTO has worked diligently to acknowledge the hard work of the athletes.

This Friday, February 10 at 1:30 pm there will be a pep rally in order to cheer on our taem! Students will be allowed to wear their spirit shirts with jeans for the entire school day.

Other than these dates the athletes will be taking part in other activities like Autograph Morning on February 7 at 6:40 am where the athletes will welcome the elementary students and take pictures with them. Also on February 7 athletes will be eating lunch with 1st graders who did not have the opportunity to meet the soccer players.

On Wednesday February 15, those participating in AASCA will not be attending school other than to practice in the morning. They will be checking in at the hotel Barcelo at 2 pm and the icebreaker activity will be taking place that same day at 4:30 pm with the Inauguration ceremony at 6:30 pm at our school.

Games will be taking place on February 16, 17 and 18. Athletes will check out from the hotel at 12 pm and attend the closing ceremony in which the awards will be given at 7 pm on February 18.

This is going to be a memorable AASCA for sure!

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