5 Ways to Read More This Year

If you put ‘reading more books’ as part of your new year’s resolution list, then these 5 ways are perfect for you to be able to get it off the list. Plus, after completing this you’ll become more relaxed, empathetic, and more mentally fit. Trust me you’ll love it!

1. Download books to your phone.
It is way easier to find time to read if you always have your book with you. It will also help you to stay away from social media. It is really obvious that you’ll be using your phone everyday which is why it’s easier to have your books stored in there. This will be your way of a go-to source of entertainment. With your books in your phones you’ll be able to become fully immersed in the story because you will not be able to tell how far along you are in the book.

2. Set a daily reading goal.
It is said that reading at least 20 pages a day helps you become a more voracious reader. This will help you break big books into manageable chunks. You could also commit to reading one book a week, for example, accounting for the fact that you’ll likely make more progress on weekends than weekdays. Lastly you can simply choose an amount of time to devote to reading each day.

3. Read before bed.
Reading before bed is a classic way to wind down, and with good reason. Researchers have found that it can help you destress and unplug. You’ll be able to make reading through books a part of your regular routine.

4. Keep a stack of interesting books.
A colorful pile of novels, biographies and science books on your nightstand serves as a visual reminder of your goal. If you don’t like to read in bed, then keep a stack of books wherever you spend the most time, whether it is on the coffee table in the living room or in the kitchen.

5. Read aloud.
Reading a book aloud to your partner in the evening can be a cozy, old-timey alternative to binge-watching Netflix—or just a quick tradition before lights out. This technique helps commit to books.

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