Habitat for Humanity: Painting Eco-toilets

Members of the club Habitat for Humanity went on a trip to San Cayetano to paint the eco-bathrooms of that community.

When we arrived, a number of Habitat volunteers greeted us and explained the cause and what we would be doing throughout the day. They also provided us with safety goggles, sunblock, paint brushes and paint.

Under the instructors, students were divided into groups of five and each were in charge of painting five eco-toilets.

Painting the four sided walls of the bathroom was more difficult than what most thought, primarily due to the burning weather. The sun was especially strong and persistent in that area so students had a hard time trying to get the work done under that circumstance. Thankfully, Habitat provided water and sodas to aid us and get rid of thirst.

Students felt greater joy as the recipients looked happy and thankful for the job we had done. Some women even gifted us with Nicaraguan snacks like rosquillas and cacao.

After working for about four to five hours, all members accomplished their tasks and got back together to have lunch. Tortillas and beans were provided for some while others were eating what they brought from home.

When lunch ended, students had time to listen to a teenager who inspired us to keep contributing to our community.

This community service day was indeed a great experience for our HFH members and we are looking forward to another trip!

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