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The infamous saying “not all heroes wear capes”, has been proven credible throughout history. We have had the amazing opportunity of having a perfect example of a hero with us at the ANS community in the form of Kindergarten teacher, Alejandra Arguello.

A couple of months ago, Ms. Alejandra was riding in her car with her driver and daughter when she noticed something really strange. “All of a sudden I saw this woman get out of her car with terror in her eyes and a desperate look on her face. She hurriedly opened the passenger’s door, and I instantly knew something was wrong”, she told the Eye of the Tiger.

Ms. Alejandra told her driver to stop the car and soon, she got off. As she approached the car, she found the woman screaming for help as her two year old son, Antonio, was choking. “She was desperately trying to remove his seat belt. His face was purple, he was limp”. Instantaneously, Ms. Alejandra told the woman to give Antonio to her and follow them to the hospital.

“As we got into the car, the first thing I did was to check if he had any object in his trachea, obstructing his respiration”. After failing to find anything, she proceeded to apply the Heimlich maneuver, which involves a rescuer standing behind a patient and using his or her hands to exert pressure on the bottom of the diaphragm.

When they finally arrived at the hospital, Antonio managed to expel a large piece of bread he had in his trachea. After being observed by a doctor for a few hours, Antonio went home safe and sound.

Ms. Alejandra is no stranger to first aid procedures for children. Having been a primary school teacher in the United States five years before, she had to learn various medical procedures in case of emergency. “It just kicked in, I knew what I had to do”, she said when talking about how fast she responded.

Although Ms. Alejandra has proven just how essential these first aid procedures are, ANS has not demanded such training from its faculty. She claims to have discussed the matter with the administration but no real reforms were made. “They made me think that it wasn’t among their first priorities” she said.

A couple of months after the event, Ms. Alejandra and Antonio’s family have remained in close contact.

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