Senior Capstone Spotlight: Mental Health Awareness

Denisse Flores, a current senior, noticed the lack of mental health awareness in our community and in our school; however, she was unsure about whether to pursue this idea about raising mental awareness for her Capstone Project. Yet, due to certain events that recently happened, she knew that she had to do something about this lack of awareness. Denisse says, “just as there is physical health, there is mental health” believing that “both are equally important.”

Her project for Capstone consists of a campaign to reduce the stigma about mental health that exists in a conservative country. She plans on starting by teaching middle schoolers about the mental disorders that exist so they will be prepared with the tools to face any issues in the future. As well, she plans to teach these students an easy way to identify mental health issues within themselves or someone close to them. Not only is Denisse supporting her project with lessons, but she will also create an online organization. This will be promoted through communication outlets such as talk shows and radio segments.

What Denisse wants to accomplish from this project is to inspire students to practice ways to be mentally balanced “because when we are little, they do teach us how to take care of a wound, but they never prepare us how to take care of those wounds that may exist or develop inside our brain.”

Denisse wants to study communication, and her goal is to become a celebrity journalist and an entertainment hostess. This stems from when her mother worked at the airport during her childhood and she had the opportunity to meet celebrities. She loved taking pictures with celebrities, or just being in the presence of interesting people. This is what inspires her to want a career that makes her happy as she meets inspiring people.

Fun facts about Denisse:

    Always been a fangirl!
    Career inspiration role model is Giuliana Rancic.
    Always loved to communicate with people and being in front of cameras.
    She won the best public speaking student award in 6th grade for journalist research!

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