Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend

As Josh Billings once said, “The dog, is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he love himself”. The dog has always been considered the man’s best friend, but why? Well, dogs have many traits but within them the most important one is their loyalty. A dog’s owner creates a bond with him; he’s instinct is to show affection and amity. If dogs are aggressive is because their owner has reflected that to them. Dog’s purpose is to love and be loved. They will always be loyal to their owner or any other person that shows good will. They show companionship since day one and have friendly interaction with humans. A great example is from the movie “Hachi” were the dog always waited at the train station for his owner to come from work and when the owner died he kept going for 9 years to the same place waiting for him. We can see loyalty from any perspective we look at. Is as simple as that, the man’s best friend will forever be the dog. Always been devoted and dependable to humans in every aspect of their lives.

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