AASCA Soccer 2017 Updates

The American Nicaraguan School will be hosting the AASCA soccer tournament in February of 2016. It is going to be a great event in which school spirit will be evident and noticeable.

At ANS, 20 girls and 20 boys from the soccer varsity teams were called upon to be part of this very important and exciting event. The list was released this past week and brought many emotions for those players who are playing their last AASCA and to those who are attending their first.  

In order for the athletes to be in their best shape, they will only have a 9-day break during the month of December and after that, they can expect constant training.

The athletes will eat healthy since a nutritionist is going to be part of their preparation. Also, a physiotherapist will assist during the practices starting in January through the AASCA event, to make sure the athletes are not suffering any injuries that might affect their performance. The boys will have a physical trainer that will demand dedication in order for them to have resistance and endurance in their games.

Last year, the girls ended in sixth place and the boys in third place. This year, both varsity teams are aiming high and training for the best results possible.

Hopefully all their efforts and dedication will pay off when their receive a medal!  

The ANS community will be able to attend their games and show their tiger spirit while cheering them on!

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